A brief look

Musa Basjoo the king of hardy bananas

Possibly the number 1 reason I find for people not getting what they expect out of their bananas is the lack of water and food. Think of it this way: In order to get leaves as large as 6 feet in length by 3 feet in width at a rate of 1 plus a week you need to have cellular replication. Which requires food and water. Just as the human body needs the same
Palm Care

Although drought tolerant most enjoy summer water. We use a fertilizer program of: early spring feeding = 17-3-6 with micros, late spring = 16-16-16, plus a drink of magnesium sulfate (epson salts) at a ratio of 1 tablespoon per gallon of water in early spring. The epson salts help with the yellow look palms can get...
The large bold perennials to round it out

Large leaves come in many forms and textures. The huge course leaves of Gunnera manicata contrasted with the large soft leaves of Petasites japonicus....

The first 1 gallon container is $10.00. Each additional container is $4.50 more. Use the contact page to inquire about larger pots shipping prices.