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6 Packs of Musa basoo
musa basjoo six pack sale, 5 bananas shipped got 65.00

OUT Again Until Mid June. To small to ship.


Trachycarpus fortunei and other palms

Since 1997 I having grown several varieties of Trachycarpus from seed, including fortunei, latisectus, and takil, the clear winner in terms of hardiness is not yet sorted out, the looser is. ..
The large bold perrinials to round it out

Large leaves come in many forms and textures. The huge course leaves of Gunnera manicata contrasted with the large soft leaves of Petasites japonicus....

The first 1 gallon container is $10.00. Each additional container is $4.50 more. Use the contact page to inquire about larger pots shipping prices.